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Walk-in Baths


Introducing the Liffey Walk in Bath


Size : 1500 mm X 750 mm  X 1120 mm  /  59 inches  X 30 inches  X 44 inches

  1. Dual Drain Technology
  2. Tub shell and Frame
  3. Custom door and seal
  4. Air and hydro therapy
  5. Water and Air Jet
  6. Ozone sterilisation
7.    In-line water heater
8.    Quality chrome fixture
9.    Safety
10.  Electrical
11.  Plumbing
12.  Warranty

Series of detail images of the lilley walk in bath

Liffey walk in baths image 2Walk-in bath doors and door frames are constructed from stainless steel and tempered glass built to last a lifetime. The door has a rounded bottom that allows for easy foot access enabling bathers to enter and exit the tub safely. The unique design of our door frames allow for easy replacement of the door seal, if ever needed. The door seal can be replaced in minutes by simply removing the old seal and putting the new one in its place











Liffey walk in bath image 3



When making a decision for the transition in your personal bathing, it is of the utmost importance to put safety first. walk-in baths makes this transition seamless by offering 2 ADA compliant grab bars for easy entry and exit, a low step in threshold at the tub’s entry, a pre-set thermostatic control valve to prevent scalding, and a Slip resistant textured tub floor for added protection.











Liffey walk in bath dual drain
  1. Dual 2” brass & copper drains  (compare to one 1.5” standard drain) 

  2. Two copper overflows for faster and reliable drainage 

  3. Operated by two stainless steel mechanical cables for reliability 

  4. Two separate extension drain handles for easier use operation 

  5. Approximate 80 second draining time

additional images of the Liffey Walk in Baths


for more details contact Bernard at  phone:016167080


Shannon Walk-in-Bath

Shannon walk in bath


Size-1512mm long   875mm wide   560mm high
Door 6mm Tempered Safety Glass
Taps and Shower Included
The ‘Shannon’ has the option of coming with a shower screen, this can be used for the dual purpose of taking a bath or standing up and taking a shower as well.
Optional Extras include
Shower Screen
Whirlpool and Spa Jets





The Boyne Walk-in-Bath

The Boyne Walk-in bath


The Boyne walk in bath


Boyne walk in bathEnjoy the safety of a walk-in bath while lying down! The Boyne walk in bath has an easy to enter 5 inch step height and can be upgraded with whirlpool jets for a truly relaxing bath.

It is uniquely designed to allow you to keep the existing layout of your bathroom. It features an advanced watertight, walk-in bath door system for easy access. You can lie back and be fully immersed in a whirlpool while relaxing in the salubrious experience. The open interior of the bath is free of any seat which allows for a flat, full bodied submersion. Made of reinforced acrylic, it includes a stainless steel frame for long lasting strength which is adjustable for easy installation and levelling. Go Ahead! Take the plunge and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience!






Walk in bath SpecificationWalk in bath



Other walk-in-baths in our range are ‘The Regency’ and ‘The Mayfair’ as below, you will note that one is a traditional bath in size and shape (Mayfair), and the other one (Regency) is a Tub style with a moulded seat. Both of these baths would suit most bathroom situations and are built using only the best materials available. It is very important to realise that we only use a ‘Stainless Steel’ welded frame to support our baths; this ensures there is no corrosion and no movement within the bath. Also it is important to realise that we give you a ‘Life time Guarantee’ on the ‘Door Seal’. Please come and see the quality for yourself at our ‘Dublin Showroom’

Mayfair Range

Mayfair 1500 – 1500mm long x  700mm wide x 565mm high

Mayfair 1700 -  1700mm long x 700mm wide x 565mm high

 Walk in bath Mayfair Range 

 Walk in bath Mayfair Range details 

This bath is available with ‘Hydra-Spa’ and ‘Water Whirlpool’. Please contact us for details.

Regency Range

Regency CD – 1295mm long x 660mm wide x 1065mm high

   Walk in bath Regency Range   

    Walk in bath Regency from Wibtrac    

    Walk in bath Regency details