Case Studies

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Here are some case studies from previous customers.

Before & After Public Access Lift

In the gallery below, you will see some before and after pictures of a public access lift.
We removed the steps and grass garden and installed brand new steps with railing, along with the public access lift to the right.

This makes it safer and easier for wheelchair users to access their homes and other buildings.


1 2 3 4 5 6



Stairlift Installation – Before, During & After

Our lift engineers installed a Platinum Curve Stairlift into a beautiful home. Here are the stages of before we installed the stairlift, during installation and after the installation was complete.


IMG_0244 IMG_0273 IMG_0317 IMG_0257 IMG_0293 IMG_0338 IMG_0253 IMG_0280 IMG_0336 IMG_0303 IMG_0312 IMG_0323 IMG_0297 IMG_0313 IMG_0340 IMG_0328

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Check out our lift engineer Stan testing out the new stairlift!

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