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How A Wet Room Can Help You

Over the years, the number of people who are suffering with mobility-related issues has steadily grown. Recently, there has been a great investment into the development of modern solutions, to aid these people in everyday life. One of these innovations is a wet room, which replaces the conventional bathroom. If you are wondering about how this could be of benefit to you, please let our experts at Irish Stairlifts explain more.

Limits The Need For Outside Help

For anyone that suffers with issues that are associated with their maneuverability, one of the things which causes most tension is the need for assistance. This is something which, although not entirely eliminated, is diminished when a wet room is installed in the home. No longer will you need to be attended to by a third-party; you will be able to regain your independence. 


Here at Irish Stairlifts, we take great pride in our ability to offer a wide range of wet rooms for the disabled, all of which are the epitome of high-calibre.

Safe Option For Disabled Users

With traditional bathrooms, it can be difficult for those with problems related to their mobility, to adeptly navigate themselves around them. This is something that a wet room addresses head-on; it is designed to maximise the convenience of those individuals that struggle with motility. With tiles imbued with non-slip properties, as well as handrails, you can be sure that safety is a factor which is preeminent.


When you bring in Irish Stairlifts to provide you with a wet room for the disabled, you need not worry about a lack of consideration placed on safety measures.

Stylish And Practical Choice


When considering ways in which to modernise your home, one of the first methods which should come to mind is the adaptation of a bathroom into a wet room. It is a practical and cost-efficient way in which to add value to your home, whilst simultaneously providing a valuable service to those who are afflicted with mobility problems. 


Should you be thinking about having a wet room in Ireland installed, the first supplier name which should spring to mind is that of Irish Stairlifts. With over twenty years worth of experience in the industry, you can be sure to receive a quality product. 


How Can Irish Stairlifts Help You? 


For us here at Irish Stairlifts, it is not simply enough to provide quality wet rooms, in order to be considered a successful company. Whilst this is important, we believe that implementing and delivering an unrivalled level of customer support is paramount to being a prosperous business. For us to achieve this, we have amassed a team of first-class representatives within our department of customer service – they work tirelessly to respond to incoming queries in a manner which is courteous and timely.

Should you desire to discuss a specific disabled wet room design with a member of our team, there are numerous ways in which to go about doing this. For anyone that prefers chatting through such matters in an informal environment, you can give us a call on 045 892696. We are also happy to liaise with our clients by written means – you can either submit your query, alongside your contact information, via our website’s convenient enquiry form, or simply send us an email directly at


Benefits Of Installing A Stairlift In Your Home

As you get older, it is understandable that your mobility may have begun to deteriorate. It could be that your joints are a little stiffer everyday, or that your motility has been compromised by an accident. Whatever the reason, you may be seeking a way in which to regain some of your self-sufficiency around your home. This is where stairlifts come to the fore, and we here at Irish Stairlifts are pleased to explain why.

Restoration Of Independence

This is one of the primary reasons behind people going through with purchasing and installing stairlifts. No matter the reason behind your loss for mobility, it can be difficult for people to cope with being totally dependent on the aid from others, to be able to traverse even the simplest of journeys. With a stairlift, you are able to enjoy the freedom of your properties upper floor, without enduring the pain of going up unaided.

The mobility stairlifts that are supplied by Irish Stairlifts will not fail to amaze you in their capabilities. Not only this, but thanks to the diversity of our stock, we are able to cater to various requirements – both in relation to the user, and also their conformity with the home they are installed in.

Safety Epitomised

Over the years, there have been many improvements and upgrades that have been made to stairlifts; one thing which has never been compromised, however, is their safety. The wellbeing of the user has always been of paramount importance – it is for this reason that all stairlifts come equipped with safety feature, such as a safety belt.

Irish Stairlifts has always endeavoured to ensure the security and safety of all its product’s users – you can be sure that when purchasing from us, you do not need to worry about the quality of our units.

Affordable Solution

You may think that the installation of a stairlift would be a rather large drain on your financial resources; however, if you look at some of the alternatives, you will see that this could not be further from the truth. Some decide that a home lift is the correct form of action, whilst others elect to move to a new property altogether.

When you are looking for the best priced stairlifts on the market, you need look no further than those offered by Irish Stairlifts. With an array of units to choose from, you can be sure that you will not be disappointed by a lack of selection.

Irish Stairlifts

When you are looking for a supplier of premium residential stairlifts in Ireland, the first name which should come to mind is Irish Stairlifts. Here, we combine the provision of high-quality products, with the consistent deliverance of first-class customer support. If you have a question regarding any of our units, you can be sure that our team of exceptional representatives in the customer service department will provide you with an answer in a prompt and informative fashion.

There are various channels which can be utilised should you wish to get in touch with one of our operatives. If you have a preference for utilising written methods for discussing business matters, you can either send us an email directly at, or submit your query, along with your contact information, via our website’s enquiry form. As an alternative, if you would be more comfortable conversing over the phone, you can simply give us a call on 045 892696.

5 Benefits Of Installing A Curved Stairlift

The demand for fitting home mobility systems has significantly increased over the last few years, meaning more homeowners are having to look for the most suitable systems available. One of the most popular of them all are stairlifts, more specifically curved stairlifts, but why are they so great?


Why might you need a stairlift?


Before we go any further, it’s important to understand the need for a stairlift. As you can probably guess, the primary reason is to enable people with mobility issues to have an easier approach to use staircases. As the stairlift is fitted within the existing structure, it allows the user to independently go up and down the staircase, which is often a key factor for people who suffer from mobility issues. 



  • Can be built to your home’s structure



Unfortunately, not every staircase is straight, nor has the same rising gradient, which is where a curved stairlift can facilitate. They can be designed and installed to fit your home’s exact structure and shape, including several curves as you might have guessed by its name. Whatmore, they can be fitted for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on your preferences, though it’s simple worth stating that they are prepared options for users due to the customisable nature. 



  • An increase in safety



Almost all modern residential stairlifts that are now installed with a selection of safety features to guarantee the safety of the user. Just a few worth mentioning include the overall comfortable chair and safety belts, as well as the reassurance that the stairlift is completely attached to the wall. We aren’t suggesting that straight mobility stairlifts aren’t safe, but due to the complexity of their curved alternatives, it’s likely that they will have additional security features installed. 



  • No more painful walking



As we have already mentioned before, one of the primary benefits of using a stairlift is to help people with mobility issues to reach the second floor, but this is more apparent with curved staircases. This is primarily because of the increase in the action required for a curved staircase from when you have the change direction and speed, whereas a straight staircase is much more simple. Fortunately, curved residential stairlifts prevent the need to walk, making the whole process of using your staircases much less painful. 



  • Promotes independence



Referencing several of the points above and more, using a stairlift also promotes independence – which is something that all people with mobility issues are looking for. Almost all stairlifts are fitted to be used without the need of anyone else, enabling the user to get around the house without support. For reference, the process usually involves the user getting themselves into the chair, strapping themselves in and using a button control to move the stairlift either up or down the fitted railing system. 



  • Affordable



Although they might sound expensive due to the customisable features, curved mobility staircases are still very affordable. At the end of the day, they are designed for people that might not have the capability to work, which is why most residential stairlift manufacturers design their systems to be sold at a reasonable price so that everyone can afford them. At the end of the day, they can also be seen as an investment – as they will benefit you in more than one way, as well as preventing any accidents on the staircase from occurring. 


Irish Stairlifts


Interested in finding out more? Why not contact one of Ireland’s leading suppliers – Irish Stairlifts. Having been established for over two decades, we are now considered as one of Ireland’s market leaders for specialist mobility products including residential mobility stairlifts. 


By emailing, you can confer with one of our experts about your specific needs and budget, where one of our specialists can reply at the earliest conveniences with the information you need. If you are after a simple quotation, we suggest requesting a quote from our website, where we will need a few simple details so that we can provide the most suitable estimation possible. 

What Safety Features Should Your Stairlift Include?

One, if not the primary reason for installing a mobility stairlift into your home is to increase the independence within your own home as it allows the user to go up and down the staircase with ease. With that being said, several key factors make them so popular, with one of the biggest determinants being the safety features, but what are they?


Almost all modern residential stairlifts are now installed with a suitable seatbelt function, which is often in the form of a lap belt. As you might have guessed, the primary reason for this is to prevent the user from being able to fall out of the chair, which could result in significant injuries depending on the extent of the fall.

Especially for those that suffer from disabilities or mental illnesses that cause them to fidget or move continuously, a seatbelt will ensure that they are unable to remove themselves or fall out of the stairlift, preventing accidents as mentioned previously.

Back-up power battery

It’s also likely that the mobility stairlift will be installed with a back-up power system, usually through a battery system. This is implemented in the unlikely event of a power cut in your home, which will stop the stairlift from being able to move – leaving the user potentially stranded halfway up the staircase if they are using the stairlift at the time of the power cut. Fortunately, with the use of a back-up power battery, the stairlift can continue to work so that you are transported to the location you wish to be at.

Safety sensors

Under the European safety guidelines, it’s also a requirement that all modern residential stairlifts are fitted with suitable safety sensors. Not only are these implemented to ensure the safety of the user, but also anyone or anything else located close to the stairlift. This is because the sensor will automatically detect if any obstructions are in close region of the stairlift or the track, which will cause the stairlift to slow down at a gradual rate until it has stopped.

Lockable swivel seat

So that the user can easily get on and off the stairlift’s chair, it will likely be fitted with a swivel seat so that it can easily be accessed. Although this is a great feature to promote ease of access, it also poses another security risk – potentially falling off the side at the top. However, many mobility stairlift manufacturers recognised this, which is why almost all stairlifts now include a locking feature so that the chair is unable to swivel around.
Dual control option

More of an ideal solution if you have more than one person that requires the mobility stairlift, having a dual control option is also a suitable safety solution. With dual control, it means that any additional users can easily move the stairlift up and down the staircase system, which primarily promotes ease of access, but can also be vital in case of emergencies for safety purposes.

Pressure-sensitive operation

Following on with a similar topic, several mobility stairlifts are fitted with a pressure-sensitive operation rather than a single operational switch. If you didn’t know, this is designed for safety purposes, where the user is fully in control of the stairlift’s speed and movement – so if they feel uncomfortable at any stage, they can stop the stairlift until they are prepared to move once more. In the chances of a fall from the chair, the stairlift will also stop movement, enabling the user to gain balance and get back onto the chair safely.

Struggling to find a stairlift?

For those that haven’t been able to find the ideal stairlift for their preferences, then look no further than us, Irish Stairlifts. With over 20 years of experience within the mobility industry, we have gained a glowing reputation throughout Ireland for our supply and installation services, where our expertise lies in the fitted home mobility product area.

Focusing specifically on residential stairlifts, we have an ever-increasing collection of stairlifts that are suitable for a range of homes across the country. From straight to curved stairlifts, we are certain that you will find the ideal solution for your needs and requirements.

What Are The Different Types Of Stairlifts?

The requirement for suitable home mobility products has increased significantly over the last few years, meaning more manufacturers and suppliers are looking into alternative solutions. One notable mobility range that has been prone to a wealth of development are stairlifts, meaning there are now more than just one type available to purchase.

So that you have a better idea of the three main types, the team at Irish Stairlifts have created this guide covering the different types of stairlifts, as well as listing a few pros and cons of each type.

What are stairlifts?

Before we go any further, you must be aware of what stairlifts are, as well as why they are used. You have likely gained a good idea from the name, but stairlifts are powered lift systems that work alongside your staircase so that users can easily transport themselves up and down the staircase. They can be easily installed within just a few days, whilst also being implemented with a variety of safety features so that the user doesn’t endure any accidents or injuries whilst using the lift.

Straight stairlifts

As the name might give away, straight stairlifts are designed solely for straight staircases – making this type much more popular than the rest. It’s often the case that they operate on a single, straight rail that has been attached to the wall, enabling the user to easily transport themselves up and down the staircase. It’s also worth noting that some straight stairlifts do also feature a ‘bridging platform’, enabling the lift to reach the landing if there is a slight curve at the top of the staircase.


Quick installation time
Much cheaper than alternative options
Often employs the latest technological boosts
Smooth riding experience for the user

Not suitable for curved staircases
Can’t be used for narrow staircases
Might be obstructive in certain situations such as landings

Curved stairlifts

Curved staircases are much more technical and specific, as well as being available in a variety of styles. This is because the primary ‘curve’ can occur in several places on the staircase structure including the bottom of the staircase in the hallway, in the middle and throughout the staircase or at the top of the stairs as it curves onto a landing. As mentioned, these are far more custom than simple straight stairlifts, which contribute to the pros and cons.


Suitable for bends and curves
Can be custom fitted for your requirements
Space-saving models are available


Can be a little bit more expensive than straight stairlifts
Takes longer to install than alternatives

Standing stairlifts

Unlike the other two mobility options, which both feature a seat, the standing stairlift doesn’t – which you might have gathered already. Standing stairlifts are designed for two notable reasons – saves space in smaller homes and for people who struggle to bend their knees. The overall design of these solutions also varies depending on your individual preferences, as they can be designed as both straight or curved if needed.


Ideal for narrow staircase environments
A better solution for those that have knee problems as they aren’t required to sit
Can be much cheaper due to the lack of required components


Requires suitable height in the staircase area
Can be seen as less safe compared to seated options

We are specialists in residential stairlifts

Struggling to find the ideal mobility stairlift for your home? Fortunately, Irish Stairlifts is here to help. Specialising in the Irish stairlifts industry, we have a variety of mobility home products which are bound to increase your independence whilst not costing you a fortune. Our residential stairlifts are no different, where we have a selection available to look at in our very own showroom.

Do You Want a Walk-In Shower in Kildare?

Are you looking for a disability-related product that you can be confident will stand the test of time? Do you desire to have a walk-in shower installed in Kildare? When you bring your business to Irish Stairlifts, you deal with a company that truly cares about the wellbeing of its customers. For those that wish to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via any of the means outlined below.

If you are someone that is perhaps limited in their mobility, but want to retain the maximum level of independence available to you, then we here at Irish Stairlifts are here to help. One of the premier services that we are pleased to be able to offer is the provision of walk-in showers in Kildare. Thanks to our highly-skilled team of engineers, we are able to offer a variety of conversion-related services.

With an extensive selection of tiles, made from materials that are designed with anti-slip properties, you can be sure to retain a stylistic atmosphere that suits you and your home. With an open space and railings provided, you can be sure that no matter if you are in a wheelchair, or are struggling with a mobility-related issue, our units will provide you with convenience, and peace of mind. If you would like to educate yourself further on this service, or desire to peruse through a collection of published pictures that will give you an idea as to what you can expect, you should go to the dedicated page on our website.

Whilst we are confident in our ability to provide a premium service for our customers, we understand that for those that have not dealt with us in the past, there may be harboured doubts and concerns. Howver, can the Irish Stairlifts website, there is a testimonials page – here, you can, to your pleasure, read through a number of case studies, written by customers that have had triumphant and beneficial dealings with us in the past. We hope that, by reading these, you understand our devotion to fulfilling our customers’ needs.

If you would like to enquire further into the types of services that we provide, such as the walk-in showers in Kildare, there are multiple avenues available to you. To discuss your requirements in a written format, you can either send us an e-mail at, or submit the contact form which is situated on our website. Alternatively, if you wish to chat with one of our representatives over the phone, you can give us a call on 04 5892696.

Do You Need to Install a Wetroom in Dublin?

Situated in the heart of Ireland, here at Irish Stairlifts, we are an incredible company that offers a wide range of disability aids to customers across the country. Whether you are looking for stairlifts or ramps, we can be sure to provide everything you need and more for improved independence and easy access to everyday activities. Do you currently need to install a wetroom in Dublin? Then you have come to the right place as we have an amazing team of experts who will be able to help with your specific requirements.

As a leading business in this particular industry, we can be sure to provide you with an impeccable shower area within your bathroom that has reliable waterproof and slip-resistant flooring at a level that allows easy access for those who struggle with disabilities. They are also the perfect option for those with carers as they come with open and close carer doors to help with cleaning assistance. No matter how big or small your bathroom may be, we can easily cater our services to meet your needs and leave you with a stunning wetroom in Dublin that can be sure to exceed all expectations. Our skilled professionals will create a waterproof seal around the trays and doors, they will also install mosaic flooring that perfectly matches your desired bathroom designs.

By choosing to install a wetroom in Dublin with us, you can be confident in knowing that you will receive a five-star worthy service that is second to none. Not only are wetrooms a stylish and modern design, but they will also provide you with more space, easy access and offer a hassle-free showering experience that can help reduce stress and improve relaxation. All of our engineers are fully insured and compliant with all the necessary health and safety regulations, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the most capable hands and that each service will be carried out to the highest standards possible. We guarantee that you will always be left feeling satisfied with our work.

Why not take a look at our gallery? Here you can see all of the amazing installations that we have completed over the years. Not only can we provide you with a wetroom in Dublin, but we can also offer customers with a wide variety of thru-floor home lifts as well as ramps and various other disability aids, so you can be sure to find everything you need and more here at Irish Stairlifts.

So, if you need a wetroom in Dublin, call us today on 1850885000 or 045892696 and our skilled experts will be on hand to help with anything you need. For any inquiries, simply contact us today and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions.

Are You in Need of a Mobility Aid?

Do you wish to do business with a company that has twenty years worth of experience in the disability access market? Are you in the market for a type of mobility aid? If the answer to either of the previous questions is yes, then your search is over – Irish Stairlifts is here for you. Our contact details are below, for anyone that wishes to inquire further about our products.

When you come to Irish Stairlifts, you are dealing with a company that truly cares about you and your requirements; we understand that you may be suffering for a disability, but this by no means should be a limitation. This is why we are well-stocked with a variety of mobility aids, both to be used in everyday life at home, as well as excursions in public. Whether you are seeking an appliance which can assist you with getting around your home in a more independent manner, such as with a stairlift, or desire the installation of bars and ramps outside your home which can be used for easier access to your property, one thing is certain – Irish Stairlifts is guaranteed to have a product which helps you. Should you wish to have the chance to browse through our collection of mobility aids in their entirety, we invite you to do so by going to the dedicated page on our website, which is accessible here.

Due to the nature of the industry that we operate in, here at Irish Stairlifts, we believe that it is important to give our prospective customers the chance to get a visual insight into the types of finishes that they can expect when utilising our services. To this end, we have published a variety of finished articles on our gallery page – we hope that, after viewing this portfolio of work, you will be instilled with the belief that we can deliver for you. If you are still harbouring doubts regarding our ability to perform, we encourage you to read through any one of the extensive testimonials that have been left on our Trustpilot page. If you don’t believe the words that we say, we hope that you will be lifted by the statements left from previously satisfied customers.

In this modern era, it is vital that a company remains transparent and accessible to its customers, prospective or otherwise. This is why there are numerous avenues that you can go down to get in contact with Irish Stairlifts. If you would like to ask questions, in an informal capacity, about our mobility aids, you can give us a call on 04 5892696. We also welcome inquiries by written means – you can either send us an e-mail at, or complete and submit the form located on our contact page.

Would You Like to Buy Some Mobility Ramps?

Here at Irish Stairlifts, we are an independent company that specialises in providing customers with high-quality products that can be sure to help with all mobility needs. Since 1999, we have strived for perfection in every service to ensure that our clients can live a more fulfilling life without any restrictions, that is why we have a wide range of different services available that will be sure to exceed all expectations. Are you currently looking for mobility ramps? Then you have come to the right place as we can create a bespoke service that can suit all of your requirements.

No matter how big or small your requests may be, we can be sure to cater our service and carry out incredible adaptations for your home in a quick and efficient manner. We have an amazing team of professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this particular trade and will work tirelessly in order to deliver a five-star worthy service that you can rely on. We are highly skilled in creating tailored mobility ramps for a variety of different homes that are fully compliant with all health and safety regulations, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in the most capable hands.

When it comes to our mobility ramps, they are usually created with a concrete brush finish mix and come with an anti-slip surface as well as a wheelchair compatible fall, this ultimately makes entering and exiting your home easier and more comfortable. Our experts will even be able to provide you with platforms, rails and edging to increase safety across your ramp. By choosing to work with us, you can be sure to receive a hassle-free, affordable service that not only improves accessibility but also reduces the risk of unnecessary accidents and injuries. Why not take a look at our testimonials? Here you can see all of the amazing feedback that we have received from previous clients who have been more than happy with our work.

Not only do we offer some of the best mobility ramps around, but we also provide customers with thru-floor home lifts as well as wetrooms along with stairlifts and various other aids that will be sure to help with all of your specific mobility requirements, so you can be sure to find everything you could possibly need and more here at Irish Stairlifts. We guarantee that you will always be left feeling satisfied with our work.

Therefore, if you or your loved one requires a mobility ramp, call us today on 1850885000 or 045892696 and our skilled experts will be on hand to help with anything you need. For any inquiries, simply contact us today and our customer service team will be in touch shortly to answer your questions.