TGA Minimo Plus 4

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The Minimo Plus has 4 wheels but the front two are positioned close together so it looks and behaves like a more agile 3 wheel scooter.

The Minimo Plus 4 also has 4 wheels but the front two are spaced further apart. So its configuration is the same as a normal 4 wheeled scooter giving more stability.

Pneumatic tyres provide a much smoother, more comfortable ride whilst also contributing to extra range and ground clearance. The battery pack can still be lifted with one finger but a larger capacity gives greater range and durability. A more powerful control unit with up-rated electronics improves ability over more challenging terrain.

Integrated high visibility LED lights seemingly round off an impressive list of extra features but the Minimo Plus 4 goes further. Clever use of incredibly strong but lightweight carbon fibre means the overall weight is kept to a minimum. A simple quick release seat means all of these extra features can be had without making Minimo Plus any more difficult to transport or handle.

The same great functionality with more features, more range and more comfort, when you upgrade to the Minimo Plus 4 this all means one thing – more independence.

  • Part of the award winning Minimo family with extra features and even easier to manage
  • Standard 4 wheel configuration with wide front axle for more stability
  • Folds in a single simple movement
  • Adjustable tiller and foldable armrests as standard
  • Pneumatic tyres for enhanced comfort, range and ground clearance
  • Safety sensor to control cornering speeds
  • Lightweight lithium battery weighing just 6.5lbs (3kg)
  • Carbon fibre and aluminium frame for lightweight strength
  • Range of up to 12.5 miles (20km)
  • User weight of up to 18 stone (115kg)

Technical Specification

Speed (Max): 6.4kmh (4 mph)
Travel Range: 20km (12miles)
Battery: 24v 14.5amp
User Weight (Max): 115kg (18 stone)
Battery Pack Weight 3kg
Total Weight (With Battery & Armrest) 30kg
Overall Length 96cm (37″)
Overall Width 55cm(21″)
Folded Dimensions / LxWxH 86x55x46cm
Climbing Gradient (Max) 10°
Ground Clearance 7cm
Seat Width 41cm
Quick Release Seat Weight 5kg
Front Tyre 17 x 5cm
Rear Tyre 23 x 7cm
Motor 24v 270watt
Controller 24v 70amp S-Drive
Charger 24v 2.5amp

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