Gulliver Platform Lift

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The Minilift* is the result of years of technical research and development withGulliver Platform Lift

special attention and paid to customer needs regarding safety and comfort.

The Minilift Gulliver can be perfectly adapted to wide variety of public and residential buildings.

The Minilift* Gulliver consists of shaft constructed with glass panels and a power-coated aluminium structure,enabling installation without the need of a masonry shaft.

The quality of materials used, the attention to detail and the various accessories available make the Minilift* Gulliver require very little space and no particular architectural changes(pit,header and machine room).

The Minilift* Gulliver Complies to the relevant European directives(D.M. 236/89, Machine Directive 98/37/CE-ex 89/392/CEE). It is certified to CE IMQ and TUV.

Technical Specification

Stops  max n 5
Capacity  With control panel 300 Kg
with cabin(without doors)250 Kg
Maximum Travel 12,60 m
Minimum Pit Dept 140 mm
Maximum Speed  15 cm/s
Naximum Power 1,5 kW
Power Supply 230 Volt 50Hz
Norm Compliance 98/37/CE
Certificates CE TUV , IMQ

Control Panel and Cabin

Commercial Platform LiftGulliver Public Access Lift


Flow Covering


The above colours for the control panel, cabin and floor covering are simply an indication.For the exact colour tone,please refer to our samples.