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Pluto Platform Lift

Elderly or disabled people require solutions that allow them freedom of movement inside their homes. The lifting platform ìPlutoî provides the perfect solution to mobility between levels in the home. And it does it in a comfortable, safe and elegant manner.

For private homes, Pluto is the smallest screw/nut lifting plat-form in the world, able to fi t into any environment. Pluto is a cost-effective solution for accessibility needs in private homes and is fully compliant with European Directives 98/37/EC.


  • People will not have to move out of their homes due to mobility problems
  • Faster, safer and more comfortable than a stair lift
  • Will blend in together with current furnishing
  • Lifting capacity of 2 people/1 person in a wheelchair/225kg
  • Very easy to operate
  • The lift can travel up to 5 floors


During the last four year period, more than 400 Plutos have been installed in more than 15 different countries around the world. The product has clearly proven itself to be reliable. The lifetime of a Pluto is equivalent to the lifetime of the build-ing it is in.

Pluto stands for high levels of quality and reliability. It is also simple and quick to install, has a short maintenance time and, most importantly, is safe and comfortable to use.


In a Pluto, travel between floors is safe and easy. Enter the lift and operate it by continuously pressing the button for the de-

Pluto public access liftssired floor. Release the button to stop at any time; start it up by pressing the button gain. The platform operation console houses light, large tactile push buttons which also provide emergency stop and alarm functions. All edges are guarded by sensors and, in the case of an emergency, the lift can be lowered by a battery driven system, to the closest floor.


The Pluto requires very little construction work and can be installed into existing or newly built homes. All that is required is an available fl oor area of 910 mm x 1370 mm. The standard lifting platform requires only a 50 mm pit. If delivered with a ramp, the pit is not required.

Remarkably, the Pluto does not have an external machine room. All the necessary machinery and the electrical system are housed inside the shaft enclosure – “what you see is what you get”

Verticle lift for the disabledPluto lift in actionVerticleRiseImg2

Blueprint of Pluto lift

Lift Type: Platform lift type Pluto
Lifting capacity: 2 persons/1 person in a wheelchair/225 kg
Lifting height: max. 12000 mm
Top height: 2300 mm
Number of stops: max. 5 stops
Number of doors: max. 3 doors per floor
Operator controls: ìHold to runî buttons
Drive system: A patented screw/ nut system
Standard platform size: 805 mm wide x 1080 mm deep
Required floor area: 880 mm wide x 1340 mm deep (for through fl oor applications 910 mm wide x 1370 mm deep)Electrical connection: 1 phase 230V 50Hz/5.2A/16A slowSpeed: 0.15 m/s

Control supply: 24 V

Motor: 1.5 kW
Technical compliance:
European machine directive 98/37/EC
Pit depth – if required: 50 mm (with ramp no pit is necessary)
Standard colour: White (RAL9003)

Features included on the standard lift:

  • External door closer
  • Large glass panel doors
  • Interlocked entrance doors
  • Battery operated emergency lowering
  • School locking
  • Ceiling
  • Soft start
  • Light fitting on the platform
  • 25 mm thick panels
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Call and send functionality
  • Integrated service diagnostic system
  • Automatic light shut down