Thyssen Orion Wheelchair Lift

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Orion Vertical Access LiftOrion is a vertical platform lift, which can be installed in a standard-build shaftway, with a minimum pit depth of 8cm.

The hyrdaulic lifting system is energy efficient.The width of the plateform can be tailored to your needs, from 66 cms to a maximum of 180cm.

Thanks to its innovative design,Orion is both quick and easy to install.The quality of materials used,as well as the large range of colours and finishes available,make Orion integrate perfectly into your surroundings.

Built in strict conformity with all current European norms,Orion is safe and reliable.

It is certified to CE,IMQ and TUV.

Technical specification

Stops max n 5
Capacity With control panel 300 Kg
with cabin(without doors)250 Kg
Maximum Travel 12,60 m
Minimum Pit Dept 140 mm
Maximum Speed 15 cm/s
Naximum Power 1,5 kW
Power Supply 230 Volt 50Hz
Norm Compliance 98/37/CE
Certificates CE TUV , IMQ

Control Panel and Cabin


Flow Covering

The above colours for the control panel, cabin and floor covering are simply an indication.For the exact colour tone,please refer to our samples.