Thyssen Vector Wheelchair Lift

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Standard Configuration

  • Lifting ring
  • Guide rail frame, shaft components, platform, doors and shaft cladding
  • Standard travel 3000 mm
  • 400 Kg load maximum
  • Speed 0.15 m/s – as maximum allowed
  • Max. travel 9 meters
  • Platform size 1480 mm deep x 1000 mm wide
  • Required floor area 1600 mm deep x 1375 mm wide (through floor
    applications aperture required 1630 mm deep x 1405 mm wide)
  • No pit required, advised a 5 cm recession
  • Self-closing doors
  • Overload device
  • Pressure sensitive safety edges on the platform edges and top of the platform
    Control console
  • Colours: white RAL9003(parts); blue (floor covering)
  • 415V 3-Phase, 50/60Hz
  • 16A fuse, delayed
  • Motor power 2.2 kW
  • CE-approved – Machine Directive
  • Delivery time about 6-8 weeks

Shaft Colour


Floor Covering
Standard Colour


Control Panel


Call Station


Platform features

  • Platform size 1480 mm deep x 1000 mm wide
  • Aluminium control panel, which provides information about approval, max. load, manufacturer, and overload signal
  • Anti-slip floor covering, colour Grey (518223) and Dark Blue (518263) (see picture)
  • Handle
  • Call and send button adjacent to the entrance
  • Full Door (900x2000mm)
  • Door closer


  • User interface
    1. Two circuits: – one 24V and one 48V
    2. ‘Hold to run’ destination buttons (and control for emergency lowering
    3. On board alarm call and emergency stop button
    4. Alarm call button: – Yellow
    5. Emergency stop button: Red
  • Call station
    1. ‘Hold to run’ button (down)


  • Dimensions are also included in the technical data sheet. On site feasibility is discussed in chapter 6.


(*)Depending on travel/top height

Unqiue Selling Points


  • Selfstanding
    1. Everything within the same box
    2. No external motorbox required
  • Fully closed shaft
  • Modern design
  • Door can be fitted on both left and right side, without major adjustments.
  • Lift is suited for both persons with or without a wheelchair


  • Solid and proven driving system
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to use

Service & installation

  • Very easy to install, thus competitive cost
  • Designed with easy servicing in mind

Quality approvals

  • CE -Machine Directive
  • 24 months warranty


Price competitive with all comparable products

Emergency Lowering System

Separate motor to lower the lift downstairs at a power failure
Activated with the ’emergency lowering’ button on the control panel

Available options


  • 4 different platform sizes (standard included):
    1. 1280×1000
    2. 1480×1000 (standard)
    3. 1480×1100
    4. 1980×1000
  • Armstrong “Protech” Colour Range for floor covering (See picture)
    1. Red (518413)
    2. Dark Green (518613)
    3. Light Green (518623)
    4. Dark Brown (518933)
    5. Light Brown (518923)
    6. Light Blue (518253)
  • Remote control IR/Radio (See picture)
  • Fold down seat
  • Elbow push button
  • Tactile push button (with ingravement)
  • Flush push button (Stainless steel)
  • Handle (Stainless steel -> same shape)
  • Handrail (Stainless steel -> tube)


  • 6 different types of doors (See picture):
    1. Standard glass
    2. Large glass
    3. Double glass
    4. Fire door E60
    5. Half height
    6. Half glass
    7. Stainless steel Large glass (outdoor)
  • Door height 1900 or 2100 mm
  • Doors on the long side
  • Automatic door opener
  • Hidden door closer
  • Stay open facility door closer/opener (Hold open arm)


  • Ceiling with light fitting
  • Glass panels on long and / or short side of shaft
  • Tinted Glass
  • Painting in other RAL colour (doors included)
  • L-bracket
  • Outdoor unit, up to -5 degrees Celsius (See also document Access Vector – Outdoor installation). An outdoor unit has got the following extra’s:
    1. Roof with listings
    2. One size fits on 1480×1000 and 1480×1100 platforms, side entrances
    3. Not available for 1980×1000 or 1280×1000 platforms
    4. Ceiling with lighting (Separately calculated)
    5. Cladded machine side (Separately calculated)
    6. Sealed cabinet door
    7. Shaft walls filled with plastic foam (instead of stone wool)
    8. Painted white, special outdoor colour (RAL 9003)
    9. Only available in white
    10. Stainless steel doors, painted white
    11. Door Type GL (large glass)
    12. Inner guide rails chromated
    13. All joints sealed after installation
    14. Pit with drainage (prepared by customer)
    15. (!) Adjacent entrances can not be ordered at an outdoor unit
    16. (!) Fire doors are not well suited or rust protected and are not
      recommended for outdoor use.


  • Soft start
  • Single phase frequency control
  • Increased capacity to 630 kg


  • Key control on doors (always in combination with school locking) and platform
  • School Locking to avoid unauthorised use (always in combination with key controls on doors)


  • Emergency telephone on platform
  • Automatic emergency dialler
  • Smart Call
  • Jacket (for Swedish phone socket)


  • Automatic emergency lowering system

Future options

  • Future Stainless Steel Lift (indoor) – polished/brushed stainless steel surfaces on doors,
    frames and panels (Available Spring 2004)
  • Hidden automatic door opener (Available 2004)

Covering Colour


Remote Control


Hidden Door


Outdoor Unit


Lowering System



  • The price list differs from customer to customer thus the price sheet is distributed separately.
vprice_1The lift-door is executed with a big grab handle, for
easy opening, upstanding or while seated in a wheelchair.

vprice_2An optional telephone can be connected to the house phone-line to be used in case of an emergency.

vprice_3The control panel is simple to operate. Big floor buttons will function applying the hold-to-run principle. The lift is designed for 1 floor travel.

vprice_4The control panel is simple to operate. Big floor buttons will function applying the hold-to-run principle. The lift is designed for 1 floor travel.

vprice_5For safety the lift has an emergency stop button, a overload alarm and an audio alarm.

vprice_6The drive up slope is long to facilitate a very gradual incline of only 5 cm!

vprice_2The lift can carry a maximum of 400 Kg or 5 people. The platform can fit a normal wheelchair.

vprice_8The lift has got a handrail,which gives the user a good grip when needed.

vprice_9The call station is mounted on the door (right picture) The call station can also be executed with a key control to avoid e.g. grandchildren from playing with the lift (left

vprice_10_1The doors can always beopened from the outside,
for instance in case of an emergency.