Platinum Curved

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Our Platinum Curved Stairlift comes with a number of excellent features as standard and is offered in a wide variety of colours.




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Standard Features

  • Powder coated twin tube steel rail (especially slim and neat)
  • Fits to your staircase
  • Quiet smooth ride quality
  • Manuel Swivel seat
  • Link to footrest when seated
  • Unique Ergo seat
  • Digital display
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Quick lead times



Optional Extras

  • Powered swivel seat
  • Heavy Duty upgrade to 160kg


Platinum Curve Demo Video

Technical Information

Click Here to view the Curve Specs

Curve specs small image








1. Platinum curved stairlift shown folded with a 90 degree bottom park bend


2. Easy to get on and off at the bottom


3. Stairlift shown travelling along the bespoke twin rail


4. Seat swivels at the top to allow easy safe transfer to and from the landing


5. Stairlift can be parked on an intermediate charge point as shown


Choice of Colours




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