Thirlmere Dual Motor Riser Recliner

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These riser recliners with two motors or more increase the number of independent movements that a person can control within the chair. This gives much more flexible use of the chair but means the hand controls have at least four alternative actions usually controlled by four buttons. So this is an important consideration in determining a person’s ability to use this type of chair independently and safely, although the design varies between manufacturers.


  • Two tier back cushions
  • Remote Control


  • Fabric or Leather upholstery

Technical Specification

Seat Depth: Low Petite: 51cm
Petite: 51cm
Standard: 51cm
Grande: 51cm
Seat height: Low Petite: 43cm
Petite: 46cm
Standard: 48cm
Grande: 54cm
Seat width: Low Petite: 51cm
Petite: 51cm
Standard: 51cm
Grande: 56cm
Width: Low Petite: 84cm
Petite: 84cm
Standard: 84cm
Grande: 89cm
Depth: Low Petite: 97cm
Petite: 97cm
Standard: 97cm
Grande: 97cm
Capacity: Low Petite: 127kg
Petite: 127kg
Standard: 127kg
Grande: 159kg
Height: Low Petite: 99cm
Petite: 104cm
Standard: 109cm
Grande: 112cm

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