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Liftanim Thru Floor Lift

Wessex Wheelchair Thru Floor Lifts

Designed for safety, flexibility and independence

The advanced design of the Wessex Home Lift affords greater benefits to the user. Available in six models to suit a wider range of applications.


  • Free Standing Tracks: The VM Wessex Thru Floor Lifts range eliminates the need for a load-bearing wall, thus giving a wider choice of lift locations.
  • Multi-handed doors and controls: clever design makes it possible for our engineers to change both controls and doors from one side to the other if required.
  • Safety edges: If touched or obstructed will automatically stop the lift in ascent.
  • Sensors in floating platform under lift. These stop the lift if descent is obstructed.
  • Timer controlled lights / Call Stations / Integral Fire Seal / Grab Handles
  • Emergency back up systems operate the door, light and alarm and lower the lift to the ground.


“Had a thru – floor lift installed 11 years ago by them, fantastic job, only twice in all the time we’ve had a problem with it, one being last night. Rang today and left a message. They got straight back to us even though it was the weekend, and had someone out and lift fixed. Super service thanks again.”


– Amanda Brady Moriarty

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Thru Floor Lift Going Up


Thru Floor Lift Door Open and Closed

Thru Floor Lift Coming Through Upstairs Floor


Thru Floor Lift When Up and Down


Choice of models:

VM30 Seated car, lifting up to 3m
VM31 Standard wheelchair car, lifting up to 3m
VM36 Large wheelchair car, lifting up to 3m
VM50 Seated car, lifting up to 3.5m
VM51 Standard wheelchair car, lifting up to 3.5m
VM56 Large wheelchair car, lifting up to 3.5m
THru Floor Lifts


24 months parts and labour guarantee

Call out Service:

Emergency service within 24 hours while under warranty

Optional Extras:

Powered door, remote control

Irish Shairlifts Thru Lifts

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Vertical Lift Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications VM30 VM31 VM36 VM50 VM51 VM56
Internal width (A) 590 740 790 590 740 790
Internal length – Manual Door, incl. door recess (B) 850 1210 1230 850 1210 1260
Internal length – Powered Door, incl. door cover (B) 1150 1200 1150 1200
Total external length with door open to wall (C) 1655 2190 2290 1655 2190 2290
Total external width including floating platform (D) 722 872 922 722 872 922
Total external length including floating platform to wall (E) 1090 1475 1525 1090 1475 1525
Minimum shaft width 846 996 1046 846 996 1046
Minimum shaft length 1120 1505 1555 1120 1505 1555
Maximum travel 3m 3.5m
Minimum first-floor ceiling height 2040 2280
Mid-floor dimensions from 165mm to 300mm from 165mm to 300mm
Safe working load 225kg 225kg
Lift speed 60mm per second 60mm per second
Ramp gradient 1:8 1:8
Door adjustment up to 95 degrees up to 95 degrees
Car control illumination 4 to 20 minute duration 4 to 20 minute duration

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